Rapidly digitizing businesses and increasing Finance Transactions call for trustworthy data and defense practices against fraud and errors. Bring structural security and Controlling into your Payment processes by using Mima!

MIMA protects your Privacy and follows the regulations.

MIMA Decentralized KYC Sharing

Welcome to the new world of Decentralized & Regulated Subscription Payments!

Why MIMA Makes Crypto Mainstream?
  • Fact :  Not even 1% of decentralized apps built in 2020 have reached the Fiat Market!
  • The Problem : Regulations! No government will use or allow any decentralized app without meeting its regulations.
  • The Solution : KYC. Crypto meets the regulations to protect privacy and your properties!
Why Adopt MIMA as your Service?
  • Decentralized KYC Sharing
  • One KYC for all KYC related Services
  • Decentralized Data and Documents Protection via IPFS and Smart Contracts
  • Global, Decentralized Single Sign-On
  • Removable Identity Access Anytime Integrated PayID
My Decentralized KYC

MIMA Subscriptions

Welcome to the new world of Decentralized KYC's & Regulated Wallets!

Why Adopt MIMA Subscriptions as your Platform?
  • Decentralized Subscriptions
  • No Chargeback Fee
  • Immediate Payment Updates
MIMA Subscriptions Use Cases:
  • Rent Car, House or your Flat
  • Signal Groups
  • Insurance policies
  • Satelling / Online TV / Broadband internet and more....
Freedom from managing payment errors and mistakes:

No confusion due to wrong payment details or wrong purpose of Payment. When the Smart Contract confirms the payment has arrived, then it is confirmed, else not!

No Chargeback fees:

Companies pay chargeback fees for each transaction between $5 - $25. No more chargeback fees!

Great applications for a small fee:

The 100% decentralized service can be used to manage mobile contracts, insurance policies and premiums and any other subscription based service for small fees.

Setup Your Subscription

MIMA Token

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Token Ticker


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Token Usage

MIMA can be used to pay fees and reduce fees in decentralized Subscriptions and in the decentralized KYC Sharing you as Partner can save Fees if you hold MIMA Tokens.